Saturday, January 07, 2006

Wealth (and Health)

This year I'm going to become like Bill Gates--a corporate mogul (not Bono, not Melinda-- Bill).
Earning money is just like getting healthy. Thanks to the droning advisory of experts and the cold, hard facts of modern science, we basically know what we need to do.
In short, you gotta know when to hold em, fold em, walk on the treadmill and run mother f@*ker run!
Currently, I am not at my optimal health, economically or physically. Therefore, seizing the New Year, I will start thinking like Bill Gates, alternate yoga with jogging and free-weights daily, eat only miracle foods and drink only tea and water and the occasional glass of organic merlot.

I will create new marketing strategies that will target audiences of both high and low income stratas--and the middle strata, too, which often surprizes as an effective source of GCG (Gross Capital Gain).

Do I have business experience? No, not really. Is GCG one of the latest hip buisness terms? Probably not.

But in order to become like the lion, one must begin to think like the lion:
Thus, I am saving the world and destroying it, simultaneously! Roar!


Anonymous said...

Just please don't sacrifice your sense of morals in the process as some feel Gates has.

Alicia Goranson said...

Who needs morals when you're the richest guy on two legs? Well, then there's Oprah...

DML said...

yes, my dear little Nietzchephite Roar!!

We fight, struggle and die for a freedom that does not exist. The pawns of immoral government, we can never rise from the suet, until we denounce our conscience and sell our beliefs to the caretakers of injustice. Only then do the "people" achieve the standard they endured for, yet, it is at this exact point of selling out, that we no longer deserve it.......How can ANY for of justice be acceptable, if it is only achieved through violence and submission.........

Alicia Goranson said...

True Justice is acceptable, whether or not we choose to accept it.

DML said...

but, of course, my sweet 'bel espirit'.......amenabale am i, to that retort....i beg of you, kindly elucidate....proffer unto me your rendering of "true Justice" and where?? per chance, does it exist?

i'm cetain 'true justice' is not achieved thru violence and submission.....perhaps then, our thoughts are in harmony

consider me not, advocatus diaboli,....i truly love reading your compositions.....i shall ingest them all, eventually....

truth be told, they are consumed over and again, in hopes of appropriating your original intent

frequent postings have proven you quite prolific....

Alicia Goranson said...

Great Lords of the Abyss forbid our thoughts might be in "e"-harmony.
Where does true justice exist? Where does it not.

DML said...

Here's why I felt we were thinking in harmony!

re: my post on top of this entry

Your recent post "Glad Acceptance"

You say "I sruggle with injustice on a social and personal level a lot of the time"

directly in line with my thoughts..."fight, struggle and die...pawns of immoral government...caretakers of injustice"

You say "It seems that making peace with man's procilivity for greed and cruelty could be liberating, and might result in glad acceptance"

my thoughts: "we never rise...until we denounce our conscience and sell our beliefs..." (glad acceptance)

You say "and still find the fervor to advocate change?"

my idea of: "it is at this exact point of selling out, that we no longer deserve it" (we have lost our fervor)

Of course, yours is more clear, I'm working on it!

Alicia Goranson said...

Okay. But denouncing one's own conscience does not obliterate it. Unless, of course, one has no conscience--ever a point of contention for me.
Still, Justice is found in the quality and depth of relationship those of us with a conscience can experience.

DML said...


Those that denounce, have done so to reap whatever reward is at hand....conscience is still there,(just sold out)

Then, we, who stand tall, feel more frustrated....

Those of us with 'said' conscience, experience greater joy when that justice is found!

Thy understandeth that just because we may be right, doesn't mean, we get to win!

This, My Dear, is why I was taken with thee, from the onset!
This, My Dear, is why I found thee noteworthy!!

Chicago pizza, on it's way!!