Monday, January 23, 2006

The Last Laugh

The cover story of yesterday's New York Times Magazine ("The Animal Self" by Charles Siebert) was about how science is suddenly abuzz again about animal behavior or, more specifically, animal "personality." Siebert writes:

"All sorts of research has been done in recent years revealing various aspects of animal complexity: African gray parrots that can not only count but can also grasp the concept of zero; self-recognition, empathy and the cultural transference of tool use in both chimps and dolphins; individual face-recognition among sheep; courtship songs in mice; laughter in rats."

I always assumed that rats could laugh (Wouldn't you laugh if you could survive a nuclear explosion?), but never knew for sure until now.
So I've come up with a few rat jokes to use on the next rat or rats I meet (tomorrow). I actually encountered a large fellow last night while walking past a row of garbage cans, but had no material. Next time I'll be prepared.

Why did the rat cross the subway track?

To avoid the approaching train.

What do rats eat for breakfast?

The bagel with cream cheese I dropped this morning.

What is triangular, has eight legs and two tails?

Two rats fighting over a slice of pizza.

Why did the rats follow a homeless man who was playing a flute on the subway platform?

He had a bacon cheeseburger in his pocket.

Why did the female rat give the lawyer a box of chocolates?

So he wouldn't sewer.

Why do rats love Frank Sanatra and Sammy Davis Jr.?

Because they told the funniest jokes.

What did the rat say to the dirty politician?

I smell a dirty politician!

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Cesaro said...

Ever thought of "THE RAT IN THE HAT"?