Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Love, Hate, Accommodate


Through life have we slept?

So easily kept.

It’s "Hang in, don’t quit,"

When feeling like shit.


In Being we must,

Invisible trust;

In God, disagree--

The lost family.


The primary nurture,

The well-plotted future,

Splits open the suture/

Appeases the moocher.


The complex, the kin,

The chance of "the win,”

The warring, within

With authority/sin.


So subject to flatter,

For why not I matter?!

So easily thrown--

At last on the throne!


Seduced by the mask,

The spotlight, the bask;

So urgent, the task--

The answer, the ask.


Where instinct is lack,

The knife turns the back,

The beauty of others,

Asleep, under covers.


Indulging the dread,

The ‘we’ in my head.

The notion of “right,”

The fight and/or flight.


If strong is this strong,

Do I still belong?

The more that I calm,

The echo, alarm.


The more that I freak,

The same old antique;

The more that I seek--

The current, the creek.


The more that I settle,

The lesser the mettle;

The more that I sit,

The cosmotic wit.


The freedom of “Go,”

The persistent "No,"

The more that I know:

A fox in the snow.


The stillness, the norm,

The limited form?

The journey, alone:

The dog and its bone.


The shaking of hands,

The whether it lands,

Perhaps we’re all shamans

With too much in common.


Despite what we know,

And cover, and show;

Despite what we want--

The solace, the font.


Despite what we’ve missed,

The unchecked, the list;

Still, somehow, exists--

A rock in the mist.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Meadow

As Bambi's mother
Led her fawn
Onto the meadow
And was gone,

So I was shown,
And, thus, exposed
To pastures where
Foreboding bodes.

Without the trees
That hide the sun,
The vast expanse
Belied the gun.

For when the shot
Shattered the calm,
The earth became
A maelstrom.

The moment's shock,
The past forgot,
I ran to where
I had been not.

In foreign forests,
I realized
I was alone.

And in the absence
Of my mother,
The canopy,
My only cover,

The meadow, then,
Proposed a test
Of fortitude
And mindfulness.

While I still graze
Beyond the grove,
The hand recalls
The burning stove.