Saturday, January 14, 2006


The other day, I watched an Oprah show about miracles. Topics ranged from a baby surviving a difficult surgery to a dog who dialed 911 when his owner collapsed, saving her life.
But the most provocative story, I found, was about a teenager named Laura who mysteriously disappeared from her hometown.
Distraught, Beth Ann, one of Laura's classmates, showed her mother, Sha, a picture of Laura. Sha had never seen Laura before seeing that picture.
Then one night, Sha had a series of three dreams which depicted a specific location she recognized: a curve in a road on the edge of town, bordering a forest.
Curious, Sha and Beth Ann decide to drive to this location, pull over and search for Laura.
Enduring physical and emotional obstacles, they search and search.
Until they see something in the valley: Laura's smashed car. Laura is inside, unconscious but still alive.
This story suggests the power of trusting one's intuition, as well as trusting what is beyond or "greater than" one's self.
In my own day-to-day, I find it so easy to forget this sense of trust, which often times becomes dwarfed by anxiety.
While, over the years, I have learned well that I only have so much control over my life, I find myself resisting this knowledge much of the time, and thus giving into feelings of dissatisfaction, fear and despair.
We humans often separate ourselves from other animals, attributing our "humanness" to our mortal consciousness.
But, how often we ignore that this lauded ego-consciousness, while valuable, has its limitations, and in turn, discredit the great potential of our intuition.

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Miguel said...

Hi, I just wanted to say that I really liked this post because I have a very strong intuition that seems to have gotten me far enough along in my life that I have begun to have a general sense of purpose or atleast my potential purpose. Through it I've come to see how all these fragments of my life fit together. I often times don't trust my intuition and submit to fear which leaves me feeling incredibly frustrated and anxious. It has become a great internal crisis for me. Anyways I just wanted to comment because its cool when someone else puts something down that you feel you can relate too. Have a great day!