Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Shelley Winters is one of the greatest, if not the greatest actress of her time. She passed away last Saturday morning at the age of 83.
Earlier in my life, I was lucky enough to work with Shelley when she played my great-grandmother on Roseanne. I vividly remember one particular moment when, while rehearsing on our kitchen set, she picked up a prop tomato, took a big bite out of it, and put it back in its bowl, seemingly unconscious. There was something so spontaneous and savage about that bite.
Since, Shelley has been a major influence in my work and life as an actress. And it is the great fortune of future actresses that her film performances remain.
In college, my best friend and roommate KT, the biggest Shelley-head I've ever met, and I would daydream about eras in Shelley's life.
"To be a fly on the wall when Shelley roomed with Marlyn Monroe!" we squealed, and wondered if they too had a piece of toast up in their living room.
While watching the Golden Globes last night and shaking my fist in distain, I had the realization that somewhere, Shelley was also shaking her fist in distain, and that perhaps, there were more of us out there...
Still, life will never be the same.


Anonymous said...

There are plenty of you out there. We just need to shake up the system a little. It'll happen, maybe later this year. Peace and serenity.

Mimi said...

I did not know she passed away. Very sad. I always loved her on Roseanne.