Friday, January 27, 2006

Shameless Self-Promotion

       Today I did a phone interview for the upcoming DVD release of a film I did called Love, Ludlow.
   I was so boring.
   I took the call at the Beauty Parlour while getting my roots done. And I felt as if the satellite rays to my cellphone were ricochetting off the foil on my head, bringing electro-magnetic havoc to myself and the hip    staff and patrons of the Beauty Parlour.
   I also felt like a robot communicating with aliens on a UFO.
   I also felt like an asshole.
   So do us all a favor: If you believe in social justice, buy the Love, Ludlow DVD.
   And save us all from the true horror of my science-fiction-preoccupied boring interviews.


Twizler said...

Hey Alicia,

A friend of mine sent me your blog. I used to live in Park Slope and saw you preform with Ms. Jackson. Have to say one of the best improv shows I've seen. Do you still preform with them? Peace.

Alicia Goranson said...

Thank you for your comment. I haven't performed with Ms. Jackson for about two years. But I still love those fine ladies.

sarahjean said...

I bought my copy and can't wait to see it hopefully this weekend!