Monday, January 09, 2006


Yesterday, I went to see the final performance of Edward Albee's Seascape, featuring stage goddess and dear friend Beth Marvel.
I got my ticket at the will call window and joined the ticketholder's line. Outside, on the wall of the theater, large, jazzy photos of Chita Rivera were posted. And as the line inched closer to the theater's entrance, a video of Chita Rivera, dancing in various old Broadway numbers, played.
I figured that since it was the final performance of Seascape, "they" had already converted the theater into "Chitaville."
Too bad they couldn't keep the Seascape posters up through the last performance, I thought. Damned corporate hypocrisy.
I got my ticket scanned and entered the theater. Inside, while passing the Chita Rivera souvenir booth, I heard a man ask for a large "Chita" t-shirt. To which the man behind the counter replied, "We're all sold out."
Wow, I thought. The Chita Rivera show doesn't open for previews until Tuesday, and they're already out of large t-shirts!
The Usher shows me to my seat and hands me a program. Chita Rivera is on the cover!
So I ask the Usher, "Why is Chita Rivera on the cover of Seascape?"
"This isn't Seascape, it's Chita Rivera," she replies. "Seascape is at the Booth, next door."
I show the Usher my Seascape ticket and say, "Can you believe I got this far?"
Swiftly I attempt to exit the theater, and after being steered away from a few emergency exit doors, I eventually exit legally and land in my seat next door, at the Booth.
Beth, four months pregnant, played a lizard named Sarah. She was incredible.

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doc ross said...

hello Alicia, just thought I'd say hello from new zealand, I have just enjoyed reading your blog. the picture of the seascape you used is by me btw.