Saturday, May 03, 2008

Mindful Of

    The scale's axis;
    the core, the heart,

    the gift of humanness; 
    on the lean days, in the off-season--   

    weathering those potholes in the road, 
    the waves that rock each and every boat.

    We must carry on-- 
    and not let such things overtake us.

    We must load our guns and aim
    for the target's center--and fire!

    We must seize that chance
    in the face of fear;

    We must be strong while in despair; 
    Adhere to some rules and break others;

    Explore the liminal and struggle;
    Transcend the discomfort; unearth the pain. 

    Make peace with who I am vs.
    who I want to be vs. who am I?

    Forgiveness!  We must persist!--
    and know alone-ness.
    And think of others, newly 
    and honor those before us;

    And, doing so, recall the ones
    that got away:

    The one who still breaks free 
    from the tenuous history;
    and furthers endurance, survival 
    of one's own tribe--in the truest sense.

    And know tragedy
    and our sacred idiosyncrasy.

    The fittest--Diversity!  
    The true definition of progress:  Being. 
    Tomorrow, another shot at consciousness. 
    Open to the inevitable next lesson--

    A leap! of presence, humility, wisdom--
    We must persist!



Anonymous said...

Nice inspiring introspective poetry.

I was I was still creative after midnight.

Anonymous said...

I like this one alot.

blaise said...

Simple pains,
the ushers of downfall,
open doors,
lead us to brightness
to great sound,

i.Integral said...

besides the poem being beautiful and touching and all... the picture to it looks like its from the set of Love Ludlow... I cried like a baby watching it.