Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Spring Ode

      For Keats

      The rain fell, and carried with it petals
      Which cover sidewalks, pavements wetted gray.
      The pigments, pink and yellow, boldly splayed
      Along the path, promote a stroll's abettal;  
      Each step and breath awakes one to one's mettle.
      For who can stay asleep at Spring's display,
      And worry on and wander on one's way--
      When blossoms, yet to bloom, remain unsettled?
      While one may forget the colors in one's wake--
      And stare in wonder at the leaves' aplomb,
      It seems the trees are banked upon a lake, 
      Their canopies, reflected in the calm.



Mike said...

Wow - you've inspired me to pull my Keats book off the shelf for the first time in years. What a great way to spend a rainy evening. Thanks for that.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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