Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hex Flix

The other night I had a dream about a possessed vacuum cleaner.

In the dream, I was watching a movie about a possessed vacuum cleaner.

Then, I looked out the window, and in the distance, saw the same possessed vacuum cleaner pass, swiftly and silently, through a pastoral setting, from right to left.

Then, the vacuum cleaner passed by again, from right to left, this time closer; And again, from right to left--closer still!

It was like one of those still-cam, time-lapse shots: clouds passing, light changing, etc.

I turned away from the window, and the possessed vacuum cleaner was right there, in my living room!

I ran to the front door, opened it and went outside.

There was a flash!

Then, I saw a inde dude with a huge beard and shades with a camera in his hand, standing aside a large black box.

He had just taken a picture of my fearful reaction to the possessed vacuum cleaner!

It was like a weird horror version of Punk'd--Like Net Flix, but equipped with an inde film team at your door.

Hex Flix!

Note: To all you Freudian readers out there, please hold your interpretation that, by dreaming about a vacuum cleaner, I suck!


Siggie said...

Naw. I wouldnt rule out an Oedipus complex though.

Christie said...

I just found your blog interesting. Aren't you the girl from Roseanne? How come no mention of it anywhere throughout your blog?

Jennifer said...

Don't dreams like that kinda make you wonder WTF?? :) Have a good one!

Mary Rose and John said...

Had a similar dream as a kid, 'cept it was a washing machine. Scared the bejeezus out of me at the time. Must be a fear of cleaning....

Stumbled onto your blog, BTW, after seeing Sarah Chalke in her Hanes commercial and wondering what you were up to - glad to see you're doing well. FWIW, my wife and I grew up in Brooklyn, near Kings Plaza. No place on earth like Brooklyn. Take care..


noyah said...

Lecy, it's Noyah here from 1000 years ago. Doesn't even matter how I happened upon your blog, what matters is that one hobby I've developed over the past couple of years is taking random shots of vacuum cleaners, preferably in super-random locations, like woods, or a parking lot. (only rule is they can't be posed) So you are now an honorary member of the club. Try transmitting image to me with your wonderful brain power.