Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The System

It bugs me that Democrats and Republicans alike proclaim that Democracy is the superior form of government.
While I see their point, to a degree, clearly there are some loopholes in our current government (insert gripe here and feel free to laugh at the gross understatement).
Why discount the prospect of new, alternate systems?
Complacency is so prevalent, mass opinions swaying according to authoritative (corporate and otherwise) whims.
Can we not imagine a better way--beyond Star Trek?


Mr. Zilla said...

When we remember that the US is a republic and not a true democracy, then we begin to see where the failings are...

As for alternative political Operating Systems, do we turn the operation of the planet over to businessmen ala Gates (US v2.0), theologians like Pat Roberts (the eGods No Party), or scientists (hm, let's write a paper on this, do a study, and we'll get back to you)...

I've lost all hope for a truly utopian society.. I think it's much too late as things continue to spiral downward into chaos. Or is it?

Maybe it's just time to put a woman at the helm.. Alicia for President!

Who would be your perfect running mate?

Alicia Goranson said...

Besides Oprah?

Look What Dave Found said...

You know, I honestly do believe it's time for a woman in the White House and I think both parties will nominate a woman for president for 2008.

I'm not a big Hillary fan (we don't see eye to eye on the recent immigration issues, for example), but if they nominate her, the Republicans will need to field a woman to beat her, I'm thinkin'. Condi, maybe?

Who knows.. and will it be about the issues or about gender and race when we decide who wins this time?

James, allegedly said...

How about a Smurfocracy? Only we don't have to be blue or little. Or have that creepy nub of a tail. But we still get to battle that freaky voyeuristic scientist with the comb-over hairdo. Why did they make only one girl though? Smurfette must have been filthy. I'm not judging. Peace.

Alicia Goranson said...

No Condi.

Alicia Goranson said...

Hey--my cat Rudy has a nub of a tail.

Smurfette is a ho.

Cesaro said...

Wow!Is Smurfette really a ho? Ha Ha Ha!

Mike said...

I kinda like this idea of an Aliciacracy.

You'd have the capital changed to Brooklyn though, right?

Rudy said...

Wow... I share my name with Alicia Goranson's cat. And I thought the annoying Notre Dame movie was more going to be my claim to fame.

If you see Condi vs. Hillary in 2008, that'll be proof enough that the election is not worth the time of day. It'll be obvious "well, the Dems fielded a woman, so *we'll* field a woman" thinking. It's like when the Republicans put Alan Keyes against Barak Obama for the Illinois Senate race in 2004--obvious pandering.

doobyus said...

Democracy is a superior form of government but, as with anything, implementation is the issue. Also, it assumes an informed and interested electorate, that's why the Reps and Dems spend so much on marketing hype, the electorate aren't informed and so respond to psycho-persuasion, separate from the issues.

Anyway, government is currently by business, about business and for business. That's free market economics for you.

robsan said...

Didn't take you for a trekkie, Alicia. ;)

Either case, live long and prosper!

As for political systems, i think we will still have to wait for a better one. First humanity must change on a social and personal level, before being able to conceive a better way of

theJDman said...

Interesting. Just a quick comment to Mr. zilla about a Utopian society. The main problem in creation of an Utopia is the fact that your Utopia is certainly to be different from mine and everybody else; you cannot set-up a perfect goverment for that reason.

Just one more thing, I hope the Viacom lawers don't see you Star Trek picture.


Dan said...

Give me a republic over a "true" democracy any day.

I think our biggest problem right now is that our two-party system has become so petrified there's no getting rid of it. I'd love to see the US adopt a more parliamentary, European style of governing, where the promise of truly proportional representation might give people more choices and actually encourage them to think a little about the issues, instead of just concluding (with some justification) that "they're all the same."

Fat chance of that though. Xenophobic America learn something from ... Europe?! This is the greatest country in the world! They should be trying to be like us! You gonna finish those Freedom Fries ...?

Olaf said...

AG, you are correct. What we need is a little more adrenelin and a little less anaesthetic.

There is a better way than Star Trek the basis of which is, after all, profoundly racist, and that is something that the world can do without.

Rudy said...

"I'd love to see the US adopt a more parliamentary, European style of governing, where the promise of truly proportional representation might give people more choices and actually encourage them to think a little about the issues"

To be fair, despite most European countries having a multitude of political parties, the nature of coalition forming means that they still get something similar to a two-party system.

France: With the exception of Mittarand, all of France's presidents have been from the Gaullist right party--pretty much the same thing w/ the governments as well.

Germany: With the rare exception of the current "grand coalition" of the two big parties today, governments shift from being dominated by either the Social Dems or the Christian Dems.

Italy: Even Italy, which is known for having heaps of parties, has consistantly elected the Christian Democrat coalition until the early nineties, and even now it's just a choice between the right coalition or the left coalition.

Britain: Once again, only two parties that actually have a chance of forming a government.

David Gridley said...

Woo.. so gratifying to see all the socially concious big brains here.. makes me feel all warm inside knowing I'm not the only one who cares about current events and politics.

AG, thanks for some thought provoking posts...

Norman the Invader said...

In the words of Mark Twain, "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others."

As for complacency and ignorance, it's honestly standard. Do we have some idealized notion that people in other countries are less self-absorbed than we are? Sure, America cultivates a certain materialistic attitude as a side effect of being materially wealthy, but let's face it - people are people. Recent student protests in France prove that every section of society has its own particular concerns, which are just about the only things that will stir them from their lethargy to make some noise.

The difference is that democracy (as we know it here, despite the fact that this is republic... oh, forget it) is designed to work from that principle. In the push-and-pull tug-of-war of each party trying to get what it wants, a happy medium is (ideally) achieved, so that everyone is equally happy... or miserable, depending. Either way (shrug).

I'd say the biggest problem right now is a lack of understanding. People are actually pretty concerned and involved in the political process - indeed, it's virtually all anyone can talk about these days - but there's a dearth of good information out there. Even the blogosphere is choked with slanted, skewed coverage. This is what happens when the mainstream news media abdicate on their responsibility to keep us *informed*, rather than merely entertained.

Alicia Goranson said...

More like the b.s.-weary bad brains.

In summary: No to utopia, sexism, racism, Condi, Gargamel and Azriel; Yes to the European Parlimentary system sans its Christian bent?

Obama-Clinton in '08 (Please, whatever you do, don't vote for me).

"That's free market economics for you."

Alicia Goranson said...

"Democracy" or "Republic" changes according to who's in power, when.

Look What Dave Found said...

I guess we'll have to wait to see who actually runs for Prez in '08 but at this point, I think Hillary is a shoo-in, for better or worse. I don't agree with everything she says, but we could certainly do worse ...cough, Jeb Bush...

Actually, tho, I could listen to Gore's voice all day ( and so, apparently, can he ). I was frightful sorry he "lost" given what we ended up with.

Alicia Goranson said...

I made annoying phone calls for Al Gore in 2000, then sat back in '04 like a Mickey D-devouring American, thinking Kerry would surely win. Duh.
Gore may be boring, but at least he's an environmentalist.

theJDman said...

I must have missed your call, but I did receive some political advice from Ted Danson and Bill Clinton. I saved them on my mini recorder to play them for anyone who didn't believe me when the subject came up.

I'm theJDman and I approved this message.

David Gridley said...

Sad to say, I ... knew ... Bush was gonna win, somehow.. Gore should have won, based on his values alone.. at least his are genuine. Sorry I missed yer call, AG! That would have been a hoot!

Anonymous said...

I think if people honestly want a democracy then John Kerry is the man to soar through the galaxy.

BeWitching said...

Well yes Gore actually had the popular vote but...and I believe Kerry Won and bush Cheated again........ now we have War, a deficit and a mess, also a good web site to check out is Reopen911.org it tells the real story and you can order a free DVD .
and guess what??? all those nasty roads lead to Dick Cheney well hope you like me
Light and love

Lukas The Swedish Viking said...

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