Friday, March 03, 2006

The Regular

For two years in high school, I ate at the same restaurant almost every night (and for brunch on Saturdays).
The Good Earth was located at the Glendale Galleria in Glendale, CA., about a twenty minute drive from my apartment.
For dinner I would have either the Planet Burger or the Twelve Summer Vegetable Soup--always with a Good Earth Iced Tea.
For Saturday brunch I'd have a large bowl of granola.
As I usually dined alone, I think the waitress felt sorry for me; after awhile, she stopped charging me for everything but my Good Earth Iced Tea.
When I read that David Lynch stopped at the Toluca Lake Big Boy for a chocolate milkshake every day at four o'clock, I was comforted.
Being a regular is easy, though it also demands a certain diligence.
And "comfort food" takes on a whole new meaning.


Anonymous said...

In a past manifestation of my life,I would go to the Fork and Spoon Diner on Palmer Highway in Texas City,Tx every day and order the Blue Plate Special, regardless of what it was, I would not even look at the menu-the waitresses there all knew me-I was making very good money at the time, and although I would order the special, I would always tip very generously-there's something empowering about not spending money on yourself, sure, I could have gone with the others in the office to the fancy seafood restaurants that are abundant in the town or to the over-the-top restaurants obviously designed for business meetings and taking customers to impressive lunches-my Father was a salesman in the lucrative petrochemical supply industry for 40 years-but to me, it was more satisfying to get a simple meal in simple surroundings

doobyus said...

It's strange. I like to think of myself as spontaneous and wacky but when I eat in the office restaurant I always have burger and chips... and when I have sandwiches I always have the same sandwich. Thank you for opening me up to my own hudden compulsiveness. :)

anne said...

dude. for a second i was going to freak and think, i was your waitress back then, too, in the pre red hook years 'cause the good earth was my first food slinging gig to lead me in a downward spiral of the service industry. all my clothes smelled like that damn tea but that 12 summer vegitable soup was the bomb. i don't even like vegatables. but i worked at the one in westwood when i went to ucla and i've never even been to glendale.
too bad they all closed and are now just a tea.
i bet they sell that tea at the fairway.

Ann said...

Ok. This may not be a food joint; but, when I go to my little branch library, the circ staff smile and say "hey ann, you have a book here" or "hey have you seen this?" or just hey, how are you? and I ask about their lives: how is your new baby? how is your husband's retirement? They've turned me on to good books, a kitchy conquistidor "museum" at a local bar/club, art shows, etc. I love that. I feel like i'm walking into CHeers. And even though there are no mashed potatoes (damn) it is comfort.

Ronnie in Cali. said...

Han's café in S.F. was my regular stop for breakfast ... Two doors down from my old apt, I felt like a Robot. (day after day)