Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Alicia's Republic

Hey Socrates.
Hey Alicia.
When I was on Larry King Live a few months ago, I insinuated that society hasn't progressed much since your day. Was I wrong?
Yes. Certainly.
But reading your conversation with Plato yesterday, your discussion seemed pretty relevant to current social issues. Would you agree?
Totally, dude.
And would you agree that although mankind has proved fairly corrupt, historically, there is still hope for social justice and reform?
Excellent. And what of individuals? Would it be blindsighted to say that individuals are engineered to favor justice over injustice?
Hell yeah.
Our conversation is beginning to remind me of that song Kool Thing by Sonic Youth. Would you agree?
Word up.
Are you going to agree with all of my questions?
Yes. Absolutely.
Do you think I'm cool?
Thanks, Socrates. Talking to you sure beats consulting the Magic 8 ball...


Mr. Zilla said...

Hehe.. I miss my Magic 8 Ball.. but for those days when I just "gotta know", there's Guru Joe!

Olaf said...

Society HAS progessed since the great man's time. The advances made by the human race simply from learning more about our society has made the world a far better place. Its not a perfect planet yet, but we are getting there. And there is more than hope, Alicia. The world is a great place. As he himself was quoted as saying in De Exilio: "I am a citizen, not of Athens or Greece, but of the world." But I am slightly disappointed by his non-verbosity in his conversation with you!

Alicia Goranson said...

I am a citizen, not of Brooklyn or New York, but of the United States...I mean, the world.

Olaf said...

USA, the world. Same thing, is it not?

doobyus said...

Did you know that Socrates actually invented the Magic 8 Ball? Of course, in those days there was no pool, so he invented that too. He was, in fact, was the champion of Athens for seven years running. Until Plato cheated in the final frame by moving the cue ball when Socrates wasn't looking, thus nullifying the old boy's notion that improper conduct is a function of ignorance.

To quote Drew fark... Hemlockilarity ensued.

James, allegedly said...

"Signs point to yes."

Dan said...


Surely you don't mean .

Mike said...

I personally think we're in the midst of the worst social decline in history. But I do see lots of hope for social justice and reform. It's all about working with individuals one by one to help them create a better life for themselves. That's what will build a new civilization.

Rudy said...

Hmmm... do you think that mankind is generally corrupt? I was always a Hobbesian in my youth, but tend to think now that corruption tends to rise to the top. The truly benevolent philosopher kings seem to be a rarity on par w/ Atlantis. It is the nature of power itself that seems to inspire corruption amongst the powerful. And, unfortunately, the powerful shape the world we live in.

But I still have faith for the people on the ground who are just trying to make a living, do right by their family and friends, etc. We all have our faults, but generally good yet "unimportant" people make up a society as much as the emperors, the aristocracy, the monarchy, the capitalists, the politicians, or the dictators do.

Cesaro said...

How about Zeus or Poseidon?

Anonymous said...

Mankind can be corrupt in a sneaky kind of way which extends beyond private zones.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! I agree with Rudy to an extent.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree with Rudy to an extent this is what Im doing ha ha ha ha!