Friday, February 17, 2006

Witch Talk

Witches don't tuck their jeans into boots.

Two out of three witches have punched or kicked a hole in the door.

"Memory Lane" is just another way of saying "hell."

They're all trying to fit "the mold."

What's up with Failure to Launch?

Don't be a movie-whore, Dad!

Dr. Phil is hiding something (He's at the bunny ranch with Rush Limbaugh).

My cell phone started meowing in the middle of my session.

It's a crime that Steven Soderbergh remade Solaris!

Tourqouise is good with the muscle suit. What about a fanny pack?

You can take that Bust I'm done with it.

Black or white--money's green.

What's this green thing? It tastes like wasabi...

Look, I'm Amelie, playing the violin!

Those roots are good with the dirt still on 'em.

The "period movie" stayed with me for five days...

Did he really think you were going to go home with him--from the street corner?

Sometimes I get so mad!


DML said...

Here, stand I, AGHAST! Surrounded by flabber.

So busy, have I been, attempting to put forth enough quality thoughts, to maintain communication with someone of your intellect, I failed to complete a basic task.

The 2 days, past, have I remedied that oversight. I've put about and beheld each and every of thy entries.
I must say, I feel rather...
Hmmmm...I don't know exactly what I feel...naive....naked....
My mind in a maelstrom!

I know you! Well, I don't really know you, of course. Meaneth I, I've seen thee on that show. Sorry am I, I knew not, your real name! I beg of thee, take no offense!

Never, didst I, see this farce, when first, it aired.....sometime later, around 90's mid....were I, at a lad's home, where they took in thy play!....I liked it, indeed! When mention, did I, a delightful wench, with flaxen hair(thee), his young wife did deride me, for thy were but a teen.

Home, went I, vision of thee in my head,
Set my VCR, then hurried off to bed.
Yet, later that week, when I paused, to rewind,
Thy, were not to be seen, an imposter, I find.

So, late night encounters,
Syndication, my lot.
Saw I, every last show,
with thy, 'Becky', so hot!!!

For, that's how I knew of you, only as Rebecca Conner....or with the monniker that I dubbed thee...."Beckalicious"

Even though, now I know, when I look upon your picture here, familiar and sweet thy look, yet, never, would I, have put it together. Thy were enchanting then, as becoming thy are now, yet, you have elegance, maturity and wisdom in thine eyes. Then, as stated, in that other blog entry, thy still hath the vigor to leap into a pile of snow, making angels(that's the devil in thee, to resist growing up completely)(that's a good thing)

Hence, did I perform a search, Lo and behold! There go thee, 3 zillion times.
Explain, does it, quite a few things. Show, it does, that thy are an English Lit. major, and poetry minor.
Don't 'I' feel quite,....thick!
No wonder, be it, thy verse flows so free, from thy mind and quill.

Further, it shows, why thy may be sensitive to critique. For, thy have been subjected to observation, public and private, thy entire life. Please forgive me, if, in any way, I exacerbated thy plight!

Then, to see, from this neck of the sylvan glade, dost thy hail!
Evanston, is it! Most surely, that lends credence to thy inner beauty. Nothing against Yorkers(you are one, now)...just, a certain quality, one usually has, with midwestern roots.
Actually, ancestors, have I, entombed in Evanston(Calvary). Due west, of there, do I currently make homestead. Estates of Hoffman, west on the Golfers Road. Incredulous, this is!!

Alicia, I'm not one, to stand in awe of celebrity. Most surely, however, do I have, deep reverence for warm, sincere, caring, witty, intelligent good people!! Nothing, I have previously written, wouldst I change...except, perhaps, to have endeavored more arduously, now knowing, your literary pedigree.

A comment I had seen, previosly from another, about Roseanne, yet, I wasn't mentally in that place and didn't pay mind to the utterance.
Each night, upon return, to my bivouac, champing at the bit, was I, in hopes of finding a reply from M'Lady.....other's retorts, were of no consequence!

Thy confidante's Bathory, Hecate and THEE, must surely, have had a few guffaws, at my sophmoric attempts to please thee with these quixotic meanderings.

Yeesh! I, just feel, well...DAFT!

"Heathcote!!! Heathcote! Man, come hither! Prepare the carriage, post haste! To market, go I, to liberate a copy of this "Ludlow"

Velvet Revolver said...

"Where are the honing devices for the investigation?" utters Dr. Wittenfield. "I left them at the shop for fear your would eat them." replies Gordan Lightfoot. "Where does milk come from?" Dr. Wittenfield, shocked yet conformed, replies, "A deep, dark forest on Northern Africa."

DML said...

ALICIA---Derived from Greek and Germanic origins. The anglo saxon woman's name has several literal meanings, including "Honest, Noble and Good"

DML said...

You are not only good yourself,
But the cause of goodness in others.


Weeping may endure for a night,
But JOY cometh in the morning.

Psalms 30:5

Amongst mortals, second thoughts are the wisest.


Anonymous said... old english...