Monday, February 06, 2006


Not always, but sometimes one experiences misperception.
Sometimes it occurs in a more direct cause-and-effect way, as when one's projection is recognized and accounted for soon after.
While other times, misperception can manifest in more cryptic ways, leaving one caught in a complex web of one's own deception.
It is frustrating when one is trying to ride straight down the road of awareness, only to find one has taken a wrong turn.
When this happens to one, one may feel embarrassed or horrible. And when others are involved, one may feel more embarrassed, more horrible.
I apologize, truly, to all of you who have been involved in my misperceptions over the years, and by means of continuity, understand those misperceptions to be as such.


Slainte Maith said...

There's a trick with this that might help, another conscious choice you can make when you (as we all) stumble and fall flat on your face: Embarrassment is a decision you make when you forget to laugh at yourself.
It takes a measure of doing to convert would-be embarrassment into bold, steadfast laughter. Once you've stared your own humanity in the face and had a good guffaw at it, you'll find little need ever to be embarrassed again.

Alicia Goranson said...

Thank you for your comment. And for reminding me that sometimes I take myself too damn seriously.
I'm going to start taking measures of doing!

DML said...

Crestfallen, am I....
Like a ship's captain,
Sail's, at the ready,
Awaiting, the Harbor Masters beck,
Tho, stay we must, for, the tide is out
High and dry, in port we lay.

Thoughts aground, in a parched throat,
My toungue cleaveth to my jaw
Long, do I, for the sweet nectar or your inspiration, upon my lips

My pen doth languish, in a dry well

Alicia Goranson said...

Dip thy pen into the dark ocean of my soul's tumult;
Quench thy thirst at the spring of my true heart's intent;
May the rain fall on thee to cleanse thee of thy burthen;
May thunder shake thee to awaken thy power;
May lightning crack open the earth to show thee thy well;
And whence the clouds have cleared, thy nectar shall be sweet on thy tongue.