Thursday, February 16, 2006

Last Night/ This Morning

Last night I felt frightened and abandoned and acted like a needy child. I regret it.
This morning, my heart led me to the place where it is happiest, and my head did not stop its course.
I was foolish. But a pure feeling in this cruel world can be worth living for. And I was surprized to find my heart speaking its truth, unconditionally.


Anonymous said...

maybe the wearwolf hunts by night to emote affection. humanity by morn' replaces affection with regret.

werewolf said...

feelings are wierd. they are not WASPy. they are real. they are alive. they are neither right nor wrong.

sometimes you can't help but care, deeply.

it's a challenging world for werewolves.

excuse me while i go eat someone's brain.