Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hallmark Holiday

Someone's having sex tonight...


DML said...

As my Lady grieves, subjects all, share her laments. Coupled with the chill of indifference, far and wide, lay the frozen tears of her minions. To the troubled heart, no warmth, doth this blanket of frost, provide.

No respite in sight, each morn, awakened by bitter cries of her soul's mate, despair. Safe, within, the grasp of the numbing cold, no feeling has she. Though, stay, she cannot, for choices are few. Opt to remain, and tomorrow is bleak, a slow death by the freeze, as thy spirit fades.

What then??

Vernal month, doth bring on the melt.
As in thy heart, the 'ache' is felt.
In thy toes, thy ears, thy fingers
Pain of the thaw, most surely, lingers.
Yet, soon, thy views, with nary a thought,
A vista of life, that spring hath brought.

Withdraw, do the clouds
Cease, does the rain
Fade, does thy sorrow
Subside, does thy pain

Brook's do flow
Flower's do grow
Babes in the park
Birds on the lark

Thy world anew
is my promise to YOU!!

Alicia Goranson said...

With indifference I'm wrought?
Knave!--Thou knowest me not.

Thou art off thy mark, Sirrah;
Hast thy view become rigid?
While abstinence has been the flavour of late,
Tis certain I'm not frigid.

As my moods have been firey
Ere 'since my inception,
The only thing froze
Is My Lord's perception.

Captain!--If thou found thyself sailing upon my heart's sea,
Commanding thy ship, at its helm--
You'd cling to the wheel at the first great wave,
And see why My Love is o'erwhelmed!

As my heart's activity doth generate such heat,
Were it placed in a snow bank,
The bank would turn sleet.

Deny not the warmth of my true heart's passion;
Are you the sort, blown
Like a feather to fashion?

My Love has gone away
And until he return,
The fire in my cage
Dost burn and burn!

DML said...

I, so enjoy, this repartee....however, I seem, to fail over and again, with my intention versus what thy read in my words......

Simply meant, this metaphor, was just, when M'Lady is sad, so too are all thy subjects, the tears of all thy minions in these cold winter months have frozen and York is currently covered with a blanket of snow(frost) Is it not?

As when, one, get's frostbite, they feel nothing until they start to thaw....then the pain becomes more apparent. Yet, we must thaw, to get our feeling back...

This was meant to be inspiring! With spring on the way, in actuality as well as metaphorically, I was hoping to nurture hope for thee!

I'm not nearly as good at this as thee....seems it, I confuse thee quite regularly....

Can thy not see, that I've been trying continuously, to buoy thy spirit....

Also, why I put that comment on this entry, 'the blanket of snow'..in your picture.

So attack me, thy may, I shall not strike back. Perhaps, if i emulate thy style, I might improve my pen's work!

Tho, was pleasing to hear from thee!

DML said...

Thou are quite learned,
Of this, I'm most sure.
Over words, I may stumble,
My intention is pure!

In three weeks and counting,
Sometimes scorched by thy flame.
Canst thy, not yet, see
What is truly, my aim?

My perception of thee
Is right on the mark.
If thy thinks, I would chide thee
Up the wrong tree, thy bark!

Then, as for thy passion,
Thy young heart afire.
Were it me, it's receiver,
I'd long to perspire.

Thy wits, thy beauty,
And sweet heart ablaze,
'twas what drew me, to thee.
'Let me count the ways'

Be it My Lady's virtue,
Thy habits of late.
Wouldst, never, I mention,
I, own not, that trait!

Were, I ever, so provident
To sail, thy heart's sea.
Send forth thy tsunami's
'twould not deter me!

Tho, my words, sometimes gentle,
Pray, make thee, no err.
My pluck is unyielding,
For, Thee, are so rare.

So, bring on thy zephyr,
Thy squalls, and thy gale
Trusty sextant in hand,
To thy soul's port, we sail!

Alicia Goranson said...

O Good Rock, I know thou mean well;
A middle ground lies between Iceland and Hell.

Kind art thou efforts of Springtime and Hope;
Tis a struggle to be mindful,
to be human and cope.

As the hero's great battles
are not wrought without pain,
So the seed sprouteth not
Without sunlight and rain.

Thus, till Spring is upon us
and the snow melts away,
May we wrestle our dragons
and live for today.

DML said...

My intention, sweet Lady,
Laughter, did I seek.
My toungue, it was planted,
quite firm, in my cheek!

No offense, meant I, just trying to lighten up thy day. I'm afraid that if I say too many sweet things, thou may runnest, too fast, for me to keep up. So, me thoughts, thy comedy background, would allow thy to see....that I was just being imbecillic(a new word)

Trying my damndest, to get a smile, from thee...or even for you to laugh at me...thy can't be down, when the endorphines are flowing.

C'mon Alicia, Rebecca, Hy, Lynelle, Tania, Lecy, Candace thy knows, better than me, about taking chances...Thou has lived life on a limb...constantly putting thyself, out there....