Sunday, February 05, 2006

Feminist Rant

For Betty Friedan

When a scantly-clad Jessica Simpson approaches with pizza poppers, resist the pang of hunger in your gut for Pizza Hut brand pizza.
When accosted by images of emaciated fourteen-year-old girl models in pre-pubescent boy-poses this fashion week, get your "just escaped from the looney bin-" hag on and start yellin' in the streets.
When that older guy at work comes up behind you and gently hand-swipes your ass, kick him in the balls and send him home, crying to Mommy.
When the baby's crying, comfort it--It's a baby!
Then, when he has calmed and you are calm, explain to him that when he's older he'll really be crying!
Cause Mommy's angry. Oh yes; Mommy's angry.


Mette said...


amanda said...

In know this was from a previous post in a similar vein, but I have adopted "feminist judo stance" into my everyday vocabulary. Many thanks and such.

Cesaro said...

What a blast!