Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Burger King King Streusel

Move over, Nun Bun! The Burger King King Streusel was discovered yesterday at baked in Red Hook, Brooklyn, causing quite a stir in this small, seafaring community.
Doesn't He look grand there on His throne of homemade marshmallows?
When I saw His Majesty yesterday morning, I did not have my camera on me.
So camera in-hand, I returned today to find He had vanished from atop His marshmallow throne!
Distraught, I scanned the baked contents of the glass counter--no scone went unturned.
Until--at last--I spotted His crown, sticking up from a row of common streusel.
I could not believe that He had not been shellaced; and no Burger King King Streusel t-shirts could be found in His kingdom.
The Barista Monk who first recognized His Majesty, happened to be behind the counter.
"Would you mind putting the Burger King King Streusel back on His throne for a picture?"
He respectfully obliged.
As he prepared my cafe con leche, I told him the tale of the Nun Bun and its tragic fate.
"Well, you don't have to steal the King. He's for sale."
So it is my great pleasure to report that while the immortal Nun Bun was stolen, the day-old Burger King King Streusel was rightfully purchased.
O Your Royal Highness: Justice has been served for all baked goods that look like someone's face!
Ye proved delicious.


The Black Watch said...

He was delicious, ehh?

Isn't that regicide?

kelly. said...

haha what the heck?

Alicia Goranson said...

Note: for background on this post, please consult the entries "Nun Bun Conspiracy" and "Default Blog Entry," respectively.

amanda75 said...

Its resemblance to the true King is chilling.