Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Foolish 3


In the grotesque nature of truth;
In the grotesque truth of nature;
Guilty or innocent, we die.

And, while living, watch
the guilty and innocent
live and die.

Thus, alone
in our thoughts
we find others.


YaKdUsT said...

Water Race Game is that a game place or ?? Agian great written words!

brandoncolecatastrophe said...

Beauty or truth
Death or glory
Fill in the blank

Who holds the hand of fate?
The guilty or the innocent?
Can you lead me to still waters?

Cold and alone/warm and together,
living off of myself
I have found my thoughts.

I like the words action, rebel, and heart. Just in case you were curious as to three of my favorite words for some undefinable reason.

Rudy said...

Well put.

Cap'n Qwaylood said...

Yes, yes...that is very true.

johnnymopusa said...

Cool web page! I was a big fan of yours when you were on Roseanne! Peace out!

Michael said...

Come back to the five & dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean! You are sorely missed around these here parts Ms.G!

Anonymous said...

I think you should shoot that Joe guy that hijacked your page. You will always be the real Becky!

Anonymous said...

Nature is the always the teacher.
Our dillusions of life sustain us.