Saturday, May 27, 2006

Foolish 2


Identifying with
the organization
divides the family.

Trusts and bonds
feign trusting bonds
to steer the local politic.

There is no security
in blood and money;
church and state.


Anonymous said...


YaKdUsT said...

Like the rest, great words put in a poem wise way!

By the way, i was a fan of you 2 weeks after the show aired, then once you had the choppy hair do-wowie "Becky" was the one.

Glad your on here because you are a great wordwise gal.

Peace out love the yakdust!

tonya said...

I'm so glad I found your blog! Your poems are beautiful!

brandoncolecatastrophe said...

The family
has become
the organization.

Politics fall
we all come crashing

Church and State...
Blood and Money...
Wars and rumors of wars...

I know where my security lies.

(I love this by the way!)

OhCanada said...

How does it make you feel when everyone speaks back to the time when you were on Television. Referring to this and that? Like a caged animal? Or the memory of one? (This is me inquiring. Not insulting)

Alicia Goranson said...

For more on "caged animal," see comments on Zoo Baboon.

OhCanada said...

I've read it. I would very muc appreciate an answer to my question. If I read that post again I'll only know how you feel about the caged animal part. I want to know one or the other. If that's ok.

OhCanada said...

Well, THAT'S not very nice.