Monday, May 22, 2006

The Calm

The sun and lush green seem new
as if, yesterday, there had been
no storm at all.

How does it seem new every time;
The storm, so readily forgotten;
Today, evenly sad and beautiful.


Cap'n Qwaylood said...

Yep, it sounds like springtime in Red Hook! However, methinks that the author of this presentation is a very learned amanuensis of abject tangential metaphor and professes to start from that point on the strength of the writer's individual reflections; and supposing the reader in possession of what is already known, supplies deficiencies, fills up certain blanks, and quits the beaten road in search of new tracts of observation or sources of feeling. It is in vain to object to this last style that it is disjointed, disproportioned or untenable.Whew!!

theJDman said...

That picture is beautiful, perfect. Did you take the photo or did you run across somewhere, just curious.

OhCanada said...

In time we lose,
What little we had.
Cleansing rain washes what was,

Today we see,
It glistens with new light.
Just as it did before.
Just as it will after.

Anonymous said...

That's the way it should be! Just passing through.


Alicia Goranson said...

Yes, cap'n, I scribe in metaphor. But of a more syncronistic than tangential kind, here. I'm trying not to be too cryptic.
Though perhaps it is my crypticism which makes it very difficult for me to understand what you're getting at.

Melissa said...

Hello Alicia
How are you ? I am fine.I love that poem, so well done.
Take care
A little town in ,New Brunswick

clementine said...

Because otherwise we would all off ourselves.

YaKdUsT said...

Great Picture! 1st time here.

Cap'n Qwaylood said...

Hello,AG..actually, i'm not really sure what i was getting at.. Perhaps, i merely wanted to try out some newly purchased, $50.00 words!

Kirsten said...

My comment has nothing to do with this post and everything to do with the comments I've read sprinkled throughout this blog...

Are people really that mean? Seriously, what is it about the anonymity of the internet that makes people so effing mean? And why? Why are people so mean to someone they don’t even know? What is the point of that? What do they hope to accomplish with their vitriol?

I can only believe that people who leave soul-tearing judgments on the blog of someone they don’t know is either (a) seriously deranged or (b) nauseatingly jealous of what they can’t have.

Alicia: You gave me years of laughter… thank you! Go you!

Mimi said...

Beautiful picture! I admire your creativity. I wish I was more creative.

Celine said...

I love the picture. I would say something about the fascinating juxtaposition of the urban and natural environments in the photo, but I think the Cap'n took all the big words.

By the way, I've been meaning to mention: you made me giggle like a girl (that's ok, since I am a girl) when you were on Larry King Live. I thought ol' Larry's brains were going to dribble out his ears trying to figure out if you were serious or not.

lecysriteman said...

i love that photo :) the sky does look so calm , just wish d rest of the world was as calm to.i agree with what kirsten says to .if people have nothing good to say , dont say nothing at all! i hate the bloggers who keep coming on here n putting alicia n her articles down ! why ?? i guess they are just jealous of her talent . leave alicia alone !!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful site, both the words and photographs.

I hope you continue to share with us, in spite of the occasional idiotic spoiler. Don't take that stuff to heart, it really has nothing to do with you.

Thank you.

Hilde said...

well, this is to Kirsten, to lecysriteman and to 1 other Anonymous one that is hiding his face....i know the cap'n qwaylood in person and all 3 of you do not have any sence of humor, when you would read his comments, you will see how meaningless and stupid they are without hurting or pointing a finger at any one, called sarcastic humor

Liam said...

Congratulations on finding a new creative outlet for yourself! Wherever you decide to let life lead you, enjoy the journey!

LesIsMore said...

I just started this blogging thing. But, I wanted to tell you that you really have an "eye" as they say. I am using my new digital cannon rebal-but in my former life as a professional photographer for a newspaper--you really are good. Keep it up.

Mary said...

Beautiful pic of the sky...I love how the colors blend with one another. Great poem too!

Lauand said...

I'm brainwashed in the way of ___________.

I have tendencies toward_____________.

I am corrupt because___________.

I am not corrupt because__i'm real human__________.

_____the mayority of humans______makes me angry.

____my passion_______makes me happy.

_____my honesty______makes me human.

___everything around me and me as I was born________makes me "me."